NHN launches 'NHN toast', a technology firm... strengthening B2B attack
NHN launches 'NHN toast', a technology firm... strengthening B2B attack
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This article is translated by AI company Flitto and Infostock Daily using neural machine translation technology.

[Infostock Daily= Reporter Park Sang-In] NHN officially launched NHN Toast (TOAST), a technology-specialized corporation, on the 1st.

The newly established NHN TOAST is an integrated IT solution company that integrates NHN's accumulated IT technology, know-how and infrastructure resources. Jin Eun-sook NHN CTO will be the first CEO.

In addition to games, NHN has led a variety of business areas such as shopping, sound recording, webtoon, tickets, and education, leading to successful online services.

NHN TOAST not only serves as a control tower to lead NHN's IT technology, but also leads the IT expertise and competitiveness of the group through the development-oriented professional workforce.

NHN TOAST consists of a technical headquarters and a quality test headquarters that support service development. About 200 people will work by the end of the year, including new employees who are currently recruiting through open recruitment of technology.

NHN has newly established a changed working environment and specialized personnel system for establishing a developer-centered organizational culture ahead of the establishment of NHN TOAST, a technology corporation. First, the Office Free system will be introduced considering the working characteristics and work efficiency of developers.

Office Free is based on full-time home-based work, except for eight hours of office work a week for smooth work collaboration by organization. In addition, the Purple Time System allows you to freely adjust your work hours to your personal schedule.

The New Fresh system, which provides resting leave according to the number of years of service, will also be implemented.

It is a welfare policy that provides refresh periods to reduce employee fatigue. Each three-year service is provided with a one-month paid vacation. Two months for five years of service and six months for 10 years of service.

In addition, a shared seat system called Hot Desk, which eliminates designated office space, will be implemented together.

Reporter Park Sang-In si2020@infostock.co.kr

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