HiteJinro demand forecast 3.5 times demand for corporate bonds
HiteJinro demand forecast 3.5 times demand for corporate bonds
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HiteJinro CI

[Infostock Daily= Reporter Park Sang-In] Demand for HiteJinro corporate bonds (grade A) was more than three times the recruitment amount (80 billion won).

According to the financial investment industry on March 3, Hite Jinro secured a demand of 278 billion won in demand forecasts of 80 billion won on the 2nd.
The three-year worth 60 billion won was 178 billion won, and the five-year worth 20 billion won was 100 billion won.

Recently, investors were worried about grade A corporate bonds, but Hite Jinro turned its beer division into a surplus due to the success of Terra, with the performance of the company, the credit rating outlook of the korearatings was given from 'negative' to 'stable'. We successfully led the issuance of corporate bonds with stable evaluation based on earnings.

Meanwhile, Hite Jinro's first-quarter sales rose 26 percent year-on-year to 533.8 billion won, while operating profit turned to black at 56.1 billion won.

Hite Jinro will be able to review the issuance of up to 150 billion won in demand forecasts. NH Investment & Securities and SK Securities are in charge of Hite Jinro corporate bond management.

Reporter Park Sang-In si2020@infostock.co.kr

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