Recall 550,000 cars...Hyundai-Kia Motors 'Santa Fe' and BMW '520d' etc.
Recall 550,000 cars...Hyundai-Kia Motors 'Santa Fe' and BMW '520d' etc.
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Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
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리콜 대상 자동차.(이미지=국토부 제공)
리콜 대상 자동차.(이미지=국토부 제공)

[Infostock Daily= Reporter Lee Dong-hee] The Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs announced on the 22nd that defects were found in 549,931 vehicles of 126 models manufactured, imported and sold by Hyundai, Kia Motors, BMW Korea, Mercedes-Benz Korea, FCA Korea, Audi Volkswagen Korea and Bike Korea.

According to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, 294,622 vehicles of three models, including the Santa Fe (CM), manufactured and sold by Hyundai and Kia Motors, are likely to cause fire due to internal short-circuits due to foreign substances such as oil or moisture flowing into the brake lock prevention system (ABS) of some old vehicles and the electronic driving stabilization control system (ESC) module power supply.

In addition, 757 Grand Carnival (VQ) were confirmed to have a fire due to a fuel leak due to poor fuel supply pipe manufacturing, and 55 Genesis Coupe (BK) were recalled because of the loose tightening of the driver's airbag module fixing bolt.

In the case of BMW Korea, crack cases have been confirmed in some of the improved exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) coolers. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport explained that it will recall 241,921 vehicles of 79 models including BMW 520d for preemptive prevention.

In addition, 50 vehicles of four models, including the BMW 740d xDrive, were found to be unable to properly protect passengers due to excessive explosion pressure when deploying side head airbags, or on the contrary, the airbags were not properly deployed.

리콜 대상 자동차.(이미지=국토부 제공)
리콜 대상 자동차.(이미지=국토부 제공)

In addition, 11,480 vehicles of 36 models, including the E 280 imported and sold by Mercedes-Benz Korea, were found to be able to escape due to poor adhesion of sunroof glass panels.

In addition, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport plans to recall three models, including AMG GT 63 4MATIC +, which is confirmed that the indoor center console (internal compartmentalization) is inadequate to safety standards, and to impose penalties in consideration of the corrective rate in the future.

The same is true of Audi Volkswagen Korea's A3 40 TFSI 306 units, which were judged to be unsuitable for tire air pressure warning devices.

557 Jeep Compass (MP) imported and sold by FC Korea were found to have poor wiper operation due to loose front wiper arm fixing nut tightening.

Jeep Compass and A3 40 TFSI will be recalled first due to incompetence of automobile safety standards, but will be charged with penalties in consideration of future correction rates.

Finally, 180 Kimko RACING S 150 two-wheeled vehicles imported and sold by Bike Korea are recalled because of the possibility of overheating and fire due to defects in the mobile storage device (USB) charging device.

In connection with the recall of the car, the manufacturer will notify the owner of the car by mail or mobile phone text, and if the owner of the car repairs it at his own expense before the recall, he / she can apply for the cost compensation.


Reporter Lee Dong-hee


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