KOSPI 2 trading days in a row 'surging'...KOSPI 1700 Line recovery
KOSPI 2 trading days in a row 'surging'...KOSPI 1700 Line recovery
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Foreign investors net sell for 15 trading days in a row
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KOSPI closes on 25th, KOSDAQ. Photos: Korea Exchange
KOSPI closes on 25th, KOSDAQ. Photos: Korea Exchange

[Infostock Daily= Reporter Park Hyo-sun] The KOSPI jumped 5.89% on the 25th, surpassing the 1700 mark, and the 1700 mark was recovered only seven trading days after the 16th. The KOSPI market has soared for two consecutive days.

According to the Korea Exchange, the KOSPI index closed at 1,704.76, surging 94.79 points (▲5.89%) from the previous trading day.

In the KOSPI market, individual investors net bought 448.8 billion won.

Foreign investors, on the other hand, sold 336 billion won and institutional investors 103.3 billion won. Foreign investors sold 15 consecutive trading days.

By industry, securities (▲14.6%), transportation equipment (▲12.5%), insurance (▲11.6%), financial (▲11.3%), and steel (▲9.3%) rose sharply.

Samsung Electronics (▲3.62%), SK Hynix (▲7.37%), Samsung Electronics preferred stock (▲5.87%), LG Chem (▲6.77%), Hyundai Motor (▲12.97%), and Samsung SDI (▲4.46%). Samsung Electronics also climbed to 49,600 won in the market.

On the other hand, Samsung Bio Logics (▼0.21%), Celltrion (▼0.54%), LG Household & Health Care (▼2.10%) fell.

The KOSDAQ index closed at 505.68, up 25.28 points (▲5.26%) from the previous trading day.

By industry, machinery equipment (▲8.6%), medical precision equipment (▲7.2%), chemicals (▲6.4%), and pharmaceuticals (▲5.9%) rose sharply.

Seegene (▲29.94%) where President Moon Jae-in visited the workplace recorded the upper limit. HLB (▲3.96%), Pearl Abyss (▲1.39%), CJ ENM (▲9.22%), Celltrion Pharmaceutical (▲5.24%), KMW (▲1.78%), Hugel (▲3.12%), SK Materials (▲2.85%) also rose.

Celltrion Healthcare (▼1.47%) and Studio Dragon (▼2.14%) fell, on the other hand.

The won-dollar exchange rate closed at 1229.9 won per dollar, down 19.7 won (▼1.6%) from the previous trading day in the Seoul foreign exchange market.

Reporter Park Hyo-sun hs1351@infostock.co.kr

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