Lunit attracts 72 billion won of free IPO . Listing on KOSDAQ early next year
Lunit attracts 72 billion won of free IPO . Listing on KOSDAQ early next year
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Lunit, a medical artificial intelligence (AI) company, announced on the 24th that it succeeded in attracting 72 billion won worth of pre-IPO investment.

It is an additional investment four months after raising 30 billion won from the US bio-health care company 'Guardant Health' in July.

Investors in the investment include HealthQuest, Casdin Capital and ACS Bright Edge, a venture capital (VC) specializing in global healthcare investment, as well as Tybourne Capital Management, an investment firm based in Hong Kong and San Francisco, and NSG Ventures, a biotech investment firm based in Singapore and Boston.

In addition, Naver Group, including Naver and Naver Cloud, has been listed as new investors in Korea.

경기 판교 네이버 사옥. 사진= 네이버
경기 판교 네이버 사옥. 사진= 네이버

Legend Capital, Softbank Ventures, IMM Investment, Kakao Ventures and Mirae Asset Venture Investment - also participated in the free IPO.

Lunit has accumulated about 400 million won worth of funds, including the investment, and plans to use the secure funds as operating funds for research and development (R&D) of AI products and global market development.

Reporter Lee Ji-sun

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