'Metaverse platform construction' Dear You, passed KOSDAQ listing preliminaries
'Metaverse platform construction' Dear You, passed KOSDAQ listing preliminaries
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Dear U, a "private message"platform company where fans and artists communicate directly, has passed a preliminary screening for listing on KOSDAQ and has begun full-fledged IPO (public offering).

The listed company is Korea Investment & Securities. According to the financial investment industry on the 16th, Dear U, which was established in 2017, operates a fandom-based global fan messenger platform business.

Major services include "Dear U Bubble," a global fan messenger platform where artists and fans communicate, and " Everything," a smart karaoke application.

Dear U Bubble is growing rapidly with private messenger subscription services for artists and fans. Since its launch last year, it has secured more than 1.2 million subscribers and accounts for 70% of overseas sales.

It has signed contracts with 21 domestic entertainment companies, including SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, FNC Entertainment and JELLYFISH Entertainment, and is providing services with a total of 49 groups, solo artists and 202 artists.

The company's half-year earnings this year were 18.4 billion won in sales and 6.6 billion won in operating profit. Half-year sales exceeded last year's total sales (13 billion won). The operating profit ratio also reached 36%.

Reporter Lee Ji-sun stockmk2020@gmail.com

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