HMM added temporary cargo ships to the U.S. route
HMM added temporary cargo ships to the U.S. route
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HMM 컨테이너선. 사진=HMM
HMM 컨테이너선. 사진=HMM

HMM, the nation's only large-scale shipping company, has deployed additional temporary ships on the U.S. route to help exporters suffering from a shortage of ships and rising fares.

HMM announced on the 2nd, "HMM Prestige, a 5000TEU (1TEU 6m long container) container ship, will leave Busan New Port on the 2nd and arrive at Los Angeles Port on the 13th." Of the 4200TEU cargo loaded by the ship, 60% is the export volume of domestic small and medium-sized enterprises.

Since August last year, HMM has deployed a total of 21 temporary ships, including 12 ships to the west coast of the U.S., 3 ships to the east coast of the U.S., 3 ships to Russia, 2 to Europe, and 1 to Vietnam.

This is because shipments, which plunged due to COVID-19 in the first half of last year, are pushed to the second half of the year, leading to a continued shortage of ships in the global shipping industry.

Reporter Lee Ji-sun

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