Webcash, Steady Performance ... Buying Opportunities (SK Securities)
Webcash, Steady Performance ... Buying Opportunities (SK Securities)
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This article is translated by AI company Flitto and Infostock Daily using neural machine translation technology. 


[Infostock Daily=Reporter Lee Dong-hoon] On the 15th, SK Securities said "Even if the steady growth of Webcash is expected, the stock price has fallen in the aftermateh of the recent market-wide downturn. This is a buying opportunity."

SK Securities presented an investment opinion of 'Buy' on Webcash and the target price of 100,000 won.

"This year's sales are expected to rise 13.6% year-over-year to 82.8 billion won and operating profit to rise 26.7% to 18.1 billion won. While Duzon Bizon, a leader in the similar industry, displayed 46 times PER valuation based on 2021 forward revenue and the stock price remained stable, WebCash has been on the decline along with the KOSDAQ correction," said Yoon Hyuk-jin, a Researcher.

"Based on its excellent financial staments, the growth of subscription based Gyeongrinara will continue," Researcher Yoon predicted.  

Reporter Lee Dong-hoon usinvestmentidea2020@gmail.com  


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