Lee Sang-jik, the Founder of EastarJet “All family-owned shares of EastarJet are dedicated”
Lee Sang-jik, the Founder of EastarJet “All family-owned shares of EastarJet are dedicated”
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This article is translated by AI company Flitto and Infostock Daily using neural machine translation technology.
제주항공(사진 맨 위)과 이스타 항공. 사진= 각사
Jeju Air and EastarJet

[Infostock Daily= Reporter Ryu Ki-Heon] Lee Sang-jik, the founder of EastarJet, decided to dedicate all of the shares of EastarJet through Eastar Holdings, which his family owns, to the company

The company held a press conference at its headquarters in Gangseo-gu on the 29th and announced its position.

“We decided to hold a family meeting and dedicate all of the shares of EastarJet, which is owned by the family through Eastar Holdings,” Lee said.

“EastarJet is no different from my own self, I started the company with a passion to break the monopoly of aviation and open up a low-cost aviation era for the people, and I devoted my blood, sweat and tears with my employees” he said

“But we are having trouble with the closure of air routes due to the deterioration of the relationship between Korea and Japan last year and the sudden variables of Corona 19, which hit the world earlier this year. We have been looking for a breakthrough in the crisis since late September last year with Jeju Air’s M&A proposal, but it has not been going smoothly.” he said.

“As the merger with Jeju Air is delayed, the sense of crisis that the airline will be sunk is amplified by indiscriminate allegations of misdemeanor, I thought we should save the company even if our family sacrifices” he added.

“I will do my best to put everything down and help EastarJet normalize as soon as possible with the start-up’s initials and affection” he said.

Reporter Ryu Ki-Heon okyou93@infostock.co.kr

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