Ssangyong Motor's domestic sales fell 32.8% YoY in May
Ssangyong Motor's domestic sales fell 32.8% YoY in May
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Ssangyong Motor's Respect Korando [Photo = Ssangyong Motor]

[Infostock Daily= Reporter Park Sang-In] Ssangyong Motor announced on May 1 that it sold a total of 8286 units including 7575 domestic units and 711 export units in May.

Domestic sales and exports fell by 25% and 68.1%, respectively, in the aftermath of the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19). Sales also fell by 32.8%.

However, sales are on the rise due to increased sales than the previous month. Sales increased by only 21.6% MoM due to production disruptions caused by Corona 19, although contracts increased by 50% MoM due to strengthened sales promotions.

Ssangyong Motor analyzed that it is an untact sales effect by diversifying non-face-to-face purchasing channels such as online commerce and home shopping in line with the untact purchasing trend caused by Corona 19.

As a result, domestic sales grew by 25.9% MoM, with sales of Tivoli and Korando increasing by 27.1% and 27.6% MoM, respectively.

However, exports fell 10.7% MoM due to the prolonged lockdown (regional blockade) measures due to the spread of Corona 19, but fell 68.1% YoY.

Ssangyong plans to increase its global sales by expanding its lineup by re-launching Tivoli Long Body version Tivoli Air along with the G4 Rexton partial change model in the second half of this year.

Reporter Park Sang-In

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