Court decides to resume sales of Meditoxin Inj.
Court decides to resume sales of Meditoxin Inj.
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[Infostock Daily= Reporter Park Hyo-sun] The court ruled that Medytox's main botox product, Meditoxin Inj., will resume sales.

The Daejeon High Court on the 22th decided to suspend the administration of KFDA's temporary suspension of manufacturing and sales of  Meditoxin Inj.

“Medytox could suffer a loss that is difficult to recover, so it is necessary to suspend the disposal of the KFDA” the court said in a written statement.

Medytox will be able to manufacture and sell it again until the decision to cancel Meditoxin Inj. license is made.

The KFDA suspended the provisional manufacturing and sale of  Meditoxin Inj. last month, citing that Meditox used unauthorized raw materials for some items.

The court's ruling is expected to affect the hearing of the KFDA to discuss the cancellation of  Meditoxin Inj.'s license this afternoon.

Reporter Park Hyo-sun

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