Hyundai Heavy Industries wins 220 billion won for two super large crude oil carriers
Hyundai Heavy Industries wins 220 billion won for two super large crude oil carriers
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현대중공업이 건조한 초대형 원유운반선.(사진=현대중공업그룹)
super large crude oil carriers. (Photo=Hyundai Heavy Industries)

[Infostock Daily= Reporter Lee Dong-hee] Hyundai Heavy Industries Group succeeded in winning two large crude oil carriers.

Hyundai Heavy Industries Group announced on the 21st that it has recently signed a construction contract with shipowners in Europe for a total of 220 billion won, including two large-sized crude oil carriers (VLCCs) of 300,000 tons.

The ship will be 330m long, 60m wide, 29.7m high, built at Ulsan Hyundai Heavy Industries and will be delivered to shipowners in the first half of 2022. In particular, these vessels can be equipped with scrubbers to respond to the strengthened International Maritime Organization's regulation of sulfur oxide emissions.

Hyundai Heavy Industries Group won two orders for large-scale crude oil carriers of 158,000 tons from European shipping companies for 150 billion won on July 7, followed by two additional large-scale crude oil carriers in two weeks.

According to Clarksons, a shipbuilding and shipping analysis agency, more than 800 large crude oil carriers are currently operating around the world, and Hyundai Heavy Industries Group has built 211 of them, 25% of them. Hyundai Heavy Industries Group has built one of the four VLCCs worldwide.

“Despite the Corona 19 crisis, we have successfully won orders from European shipping companies in succession,” said a Hyundai Heavy Industries Group official. “We will accelerate our order-taking activities based on our advanced technology and building capabilities.”


Reporter Lee Dong-hee

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