Eastar Airlines to restructure... 350 expected to cut jobs
Eastar Airlines to restructure... 350 expected to cut jobs
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Photo: Eastar Airlines

[Infostock Daily= reporter Song Jeong-hoon] The low-cost airline (LCC) Eastar Air has decided to start restructuring its workforce due to deteriorating operations due to a new coronavirus infection (Corona 19 or COVID-19). 

However, the government decided to abandon its existing policy of cutting half of its employees and reduce 20% of its employees (about 350).

The company will hold a meeting with workers' representatives on the morning of June 6 and restructure 350 employees, one-fifth of the total 1,680 employees, by means of voluntary retirement and layoffs.

The two sides agreed to reduce the number of layoffs as much as possible through pain sharing, including unpaid leave, as they would like to reduce the number of layoffs.

The plan for reducing manpower is expected to be confirmed at the labor-management council held again on July 7.

Eastar Airlines, which stopped operations on both international and domestic flights, paid only 40% of its employees' February salaries due to lack of operating funds, and failed to pay the March salary at all.

And On March 30, the company also terminated its contract with 80 assistant chiefs

Reporter Song Jeong-hoon boxr@infostock.co.kr

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