Jin Air, it utilizes as the B777 passenger plane cargo
Jin Air, it utilizes as the B777 passenger plane cargo
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Jean Air, B777-200ER Photo: Jean Air
Jean Air, B777-200ER Photo: Jean Air

[Infostock Daily= reporter Song Jeong-hoon] Jin Air, a low-cost airline (LCC), announced on the 30th that it will use the B777-200ER passenger plane as a cargo plane to overcome the management environment caused by the spread of new coronavirus infection (Corona 19 or COVID-19).

Jin Air will put the entire B777-200ER passenger plane lower part into the Incheon-Taipei route from 30th to 13th April.

Jin Air is the first domestic LCC airline to use passenger planes as cargo planes.

The cargo is fabric, clothing, electrical and electronic components, etc., and transports six times in total.

The B777-200ER has about 15 tons of cargo space and is also an aircraft capable of controlling temperature and humidity.

It has more cargo than the similar B737-800 aircraft and can transport various kinds of cargo.

Jin Air explained that the special aircraft was introduced to help domestic import and export companies who have difficulty in transporting air cargo due to the reduction of aircraft operations due to Corona 19, and to generate profits for airlines in crisis.

Reporter Song Jeong-hoon boxr@infostock.co.kr

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