Kakao Pay Securities topped 500,000 accounts in 28 days
Kakao Pay Securities topped 500,000 accounts in 28 days
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Photo: Kakao Pay Securities

[Infostock Daily= Reporter Lee Kang-wook] Kakao Pay Securities said on the 25th that the number of securities accounts opened through the upgrade of Kakao Pay Money exceeded 500,000.

Kakao Pay Securities has been providing formal service for upgrading securities accounts since February 27 this year. In the first six days of service, the number of securities accounts exceeded 200,000, and on the 25th of a month, it has grown at a rapid pace, exceeding 500,000.

By age group, 20-30 years old accounted for 68.4% of all subscribers. 39.2% of the a beginner in society who were interested in asset management were also interested.

Kakao Pay Securities' strategy was valid for 2030 generations with high mobile platform utilization rate but low securities service experience. More than 50 people, who were considered to be mobile financial underprivileged, accounted for 8.9% of all subscribers.

Kakao Pay Securities cited the convenience of opening securities accounts as a major factor in the breakthrough of the 500,000 accounts. In addition, convenience and benefits of securities accounts connected to Kakao Payments and various financial services, and low entry barriers have also led to good responses for subscribers.

Kim Dae-hong, CEO of Kakao Pay Securities, said, "We will show a different investment method that can be used funly on the Kakao Pay platform without expertise in finance in the near future." We will create a new investment culture that we have not experienced in existing securities services. "

Reporter Lee Kang-wook gaguzi@naver.com

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