Asiana Airlines “only operates 50% of its workforce from April to survive.”
Asiana Airlines “only operates 50% of its workforce from April to survive.”
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In April, all employees were on unpaid leave for more than 15 days, and 60% of executives' salaries were returned.
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Photo: Asiana Airlines

[Infostock Daily= reporter Song Jeong-hoon] Airlines has been operating only 50 percent of its current workforce since April, and has taken measures such as increasing unpaid leave and returning 60 percent of executives' salaries.

If the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19 or COVID-19) continues, Asiana Airlines is expected to suffer a serious management crisis.

Asiana Airlines said on April 24 that all employees will take at least 15 days of unpaid leave in April.

This is a more strengthened measure than last month when all employees took unpaid leave for at least 10 days.

The executive decided to return a total of 60% by returning 10% of the salary, and the A380 (6 units) flight crew, which had been suspended since the 16th, entered paid leave as part of the employment maintenance measure.

“The international passenger route has now been reduced by 85% on the basis of the supply seat and the reservation rate in April has also decreased by 90% compared to the previous year,” an Asiana Airlines official said. “The reservation rate in April was -90% compared to the previous year, so there was an idle workforce of at least 70%, inevitably taking special measures to expand the unpaid leave of all employees.”

Asiana Airlines is actively pursuing international cargo demand, which has increased due to a decrease in passenger plane supply, to minimize losses caused by Corona 19.

Currently, 14 cargo planes (12 self-propelled and 2 external leased cargo planes) are operating flexibly, and Belly Cargo, which uses passenger planes on Ho Chi Minh and Taipei routes to transport cargo, has been operating since the 18th.

Reporter Song Jeong-hoon

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