Corona 19 The soaring “gold price” ... the highest ever price ever.
Corona 19 The soaring “gold price” ... the highest ever price ever.
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Gold Bar. Photo: PixaBay
Gold Bar. Photo: PixaBay

[Infostock Daily= Reporter Lee Kang-wook] As the fear of a new coronavirus infection (Corona 19) stimulates anxiety in the financial market, gold prices, a typical safe asset, are breaking record highs.

According to the Korea Exchange on the 24th, the price of 3.75g of 1kg gold at 3:47 pm is trading at 64,800 won, up 1940 won (3.09%) from the previous trading day. Gold prices rose 12.03% compared to the first trading day of the year, 2 days (56,890 won).

Gold prices have been rising since the beginning of this year, especially on the 21th, when the aftermath of Corona 19 grew, gold prices have also reached a record high since seven years.

The financial sector is expecting gold prices to continue to rise for the time being, and as interest rates are lowered as the global stimulus package is implemented to recover the Corona 19 crisis, the real asset, gold, could rise further.

Reporter Lee Kang-wook

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