Kakao appoints Yeo Min-soo and Ryu Young-jun as new co-representatives
Kakao appoints Yeo Min-soo and Ryu Young-jun as new co-representatives
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 Kakao held a board meeting on the afternoon of the 25th and said it reported Yeo Min-soo, the current CEO of Kakao, and Ryu Young-joon, the CEO of Kakao Pay, as co-representative nominees.

The nominees for the two representatives will be appointed as official representatives after a general shareholders'meeting and a board meeting scheduled for March.

Yeo was appointed as a representative in March 2018 and has led the growth of Kakao. Since the appointment of the CEO, the company has aggressively promoted its business by introducing Bizboard, contributing to achieving maximum sales.

카카오페이 로고. (제공: 카카오)
카카오페이 로고. (제공: 카카오)

Ryu joined Kakao as a developer in 2011 and led the development of Voice Talk. The success of Kakao Pay, the country's first simple payment service, set an important milestone in expanding the scope of South Korea's tech-pin industry.

Since January 2017, it is said that he has visualized the realization of a "wallet-free society"from online and offline payment, remittance, membership, bills, certification to loans, investment and insurance.

He recently successfully led Kakao Pay's IPO. Working as the president of the Korea FinTech Industry Association, he contributed greatly to the development of the TechFin ecosystem.

Reporter Lee Ji-sun stockmk2020@gmail.com

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