Kia expects new car effects overseas (Shinyoung Securities)
Kia expects new car effects overseas (Shinyoung Securities)
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기아차 CI. (제공: 기아자동차)
기아차 CI. (제공: 기아자동차)

Shinyoung Securities maintained its target stock price of KRW 120,000 and its investment opinion of "buy", saying it expects the maximum volume model to be effective for Kia.

"Inventories in major markets such as South Korea, India and the U.S. fell to the lowest level at the end of October in the wake of prolonged production disruptions caused by a lack of semiconductors," said Shinyoung Securities.

"As a result, wholesale sales growth in the fourth quarter is expected to slow down compared to the first and third quarters," Shinyoung Securities said.

"Major RV models such as Sorento, Telluride and Carnival are still popular, and we will be able to expect strong sales next year through the effects of new volume models Sportage and Niro, which account for 12% and 5% of global sales.".

Shinyoung Securities also added, "We believe that the effect of reducing U.S. incentives, which was a factor in this year's increase, will continue until the second quarter of next year.".

"The exchange rate has contributed to a 200 billion won drop in operating profit on a quarterly basis this year," said Shinyoung Securities "From the fourth quarter, we can expect a favorable exchange rate effect for the first time since the second quarter of last year.".

Shinyoung Securities added, "It is estimated that the export ASP (average sales price) of Kia's domestic plant hit a record high of 22 million won in the third quarter due to SUV-oriented exports such as Carnival and Sorento.".

Reporter Lee Dong-hoon

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