Nasmedia has a diversified business portfolio (Shinyoung Securities)
Nasmedia has a diversified business portfolio (Shinyoung Securities)
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사진=나스미디어 CI.
사진=나스미디어 CI.

Shinyoung Securities has a variety of business portfolios in online advertising for NAS Media, offering a new target price of 55,000 won and an investment opinion of "buy.".

Shinyoung Securities analyzed, "NAS Media is a media rep established in 2000 and carries out media purchasing agency and media planning centered on online display advertising.".

"It was incorporated into an KT affiliate in 2008 and is steadily expanding into a business that can generate synergy within the group company in addition to its main job," Shinyoung Securities said.

"The commerce platform K-Deal or IPTV-oriented Adressible TV business, which began in earnest this year, is an example.". Shinyoung Securities also added, "Major subsidiaries include PlayD, an online advertising agency listed on the KOSDAQ market.".

Shinyoung Securities said PlayD is a company that can grow together with the online advertising market and expects sales growth of more than 10% next year.

Reporter Lee Dong-hoon

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