Hana Pharmaceutical is suspended from business
Hana Pharmaceutical is suspended from business
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Hana Pharmaceutical, specializes in narcotic analgesics, has been suspended for three months for some items of professional medicine following a one-month suspension of its handling of narcotics. Hana Pharmaceutical immediately announced a legal action.

On the 13th, Hana Pharmaceutical announced that it will suspend sales of some of its specialized medicines for three months after October 26, 2021.

The grounds for suspension of business shall be in violation of Article 47 (2) of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act (the order of sale of drugs, etc.). The suspension amount is 16.7 billion won, which is 9.43% of sales.

In addition, Hana Pharmaceutical will be suspended from trading in connection with the disclosure of major contents.

Earlier on the 12th, Hana Pharmaceutical was fined by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety for violating advertising regulations and suspended from handling drugs for one month.

According to the disclosure, the suspension amount is 14.8 billion won, which is 8.33% of sales. The reason for the suspension is known to be a violation of advertising regulations.

Reporter Lee Ji-sun stockmk2020@gmail.com

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