SK Bioscience and 4 other companies are set to join KOSPI 200 index
SK Bioscience and 4 other companies are set to join KOSPI 200 index
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코스피 코스닥 거래소 금융 그래프 주가 증권 주식 사진= 픽사베이
코스피 코스닥 거래소 금융 그래프 주가 증권 주식 사진= 픽사베이

Five companies, including SK Bioscience are set to join KOSPI 200 index next month.

The Korea Exchange held a stock index operation committee on the 24th and announced that it has decided to change the composition of 7 stocks in KOSPI 200 index, 16 stocks in KOSDAQ 150, and 33 stocks in KRX300.

The total number of stocks KOSPI index, total number of stocks decreased by three, considering that there were 10 replacements for regular changes in December last year.

The difference is that there are five included and seven replaced because the number of existing 201 (202 in case of re-listing of LX Holdings) has decreased to 200 through this regular change.

LX Holdings is scheduled to join on the 28th, the next trading day after re-listing. In addition to SK Bioscience, there are five companies including Taihan Electric Wire, Hyosung Advanced Materials, Dongwon Industrial & Hyosung T&C.

Seven stocks including Taeyoung Construction, Hanil Hyundai Cement, Namsun Aluminum, SPC Samlip, Samyang Corporation, Binggrae, and Aekyung Industrial were replaced.

SK IE Technology, which is expected to join this time, will join the index on the 2nd of next month if the requirements for new listing are met. At this time, HDC will be replaced.

A total of 16 KOSDAQ 150 have been replaced. Including Gem Vax, Tesna, Simtech, Park Systems, Hana Materials, TSE, FST, Vaxcell Bio, Binex, Dev Sisters, Samkang M&T, Unison, Icure Pharmaceutical, Sungwoo Hitech, Aju IB Investment, Woori Technology and so on.

Reporter Lee Dong-hoon  

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