Ministry of Science and ICT plans to invest 130 billion won in data vouchers and flagship businesses
Ministry of Science and ICT plans to invest 130 billion won in data vouchers and flagship businesses
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과학기술정보통신부 CI
Minstry of Science and ICT CI

[Infostock Daily=Reporter Lee Ji-sun] The Ministry of Science and ICT announced that t will provide a total of 130 billion won for projects that create innovative data services. 

According to the Ministry of Science and ICT on the 1st, receiving applications for major data utilization projects in 2021, including data vouchers and flagship businesses, will start from the 2nd. First of all, a budget of 123 billion won will be spent on the data voucher project that supports data purchase and processing in 2,580 places, including small and medium-sized business, small business owners and one-person creative companies.

MIST plans to expand cooperation with 15 government ministries, their specialized agencies and local governments this year to find data demand and create best practices, while also spreading the results.

MIST will invest 6 billion won in the data flagship business to support 12 tasks related to the development of big data and artificial intelligence (AI)-based innovation services.

The data flagship business is a government budget project launched in 2013 to revitalize the big data industry. One billion won has also been allocated to projects to support the use of big data by small and medium-sized companies that consult and educate small and medium-sized companies on how to utilize big data and their ability to collect, process and analyze data.

The move is aimed at allowing small and medium-sized companies to use big data to strengthen their competitiveness and create new business values.

The data utilization project will be carried out to discover data-based projects with high-quality data accumulated through the 'Data Dam', a key project of the 'Digital New Deal', which the Ministry of Science and ICT has been promoting since July last year. 

Reporter Lee Ji-sun

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