KG Mobilians, New business growth is in full swing with the merger of KG Allat(NH Investment & Securities)
KG Mobilians, New business growth is in full swing with the merger of KG Allat(NH Investment & Securities)
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휴대폰 간편 결제 시장 1위 (자료: KG모빌리언스)
No.1 in the mobile phone simple payment market. (Photo: KG Mobillians)

[Infostock Daily= Reporter An Hoe Hyun] On the 28th, NH Investment & Securities predicted on KG Mobilians that growth will accelerate as the KG Allat merger could have a full-fledged 'economy of scale' effect from this year. The investment opinion and target stock price were not presented separately.

KG Mobilians decided to merge with KG Allat, a credit card Payment Gateway(PG) company, in 2019 and completed the merger last year. After completing the merger, KG Mobilians has become an PG company with an annual transaction value of 7 trillion won, and will have advantages compared to other companies as it can secure cost competitiveness, ease financial burden and operate the credit card PG sector.

Thanks to this 'economy of scale' effect, KG Mobilians's growth is expected to continue. "The transaction growth rate of KG Mobilians's credit card PG will increase from 29% last year to 30% this year," the company predicted, adding, "In particular, Samsung Electronics' employee mall has begun to operate as a 'Samsung Group's integrated mall', and this year, the amount of transactions related to Samsung alone could increase by 55% year-on-year."

It is also a good thing that the limit on mobile micropayments has been raised from 600,000 won to 1 million won since April last year. "Due to the increase in the payment limit, white goods and air tickets can also be purchased on mobile devices," the company explained, adding, "This year, the total size of the mobile micropayment market will reach 8 trillion won, up 14% from the previous year."

In addition, it was expected to secure new customers and explore new markets this year. KG Mobilians started trading with Coupang in December last year and Wemakeprice this month to expand its appearance. "The amount of KG Mobilians transactions is also expected to grow due to the partnership between 11th Street and Amazon, and after the merger, the market share in Naver Shopping is gradually increasing," the company said.

KG Mobilians is also planning to launch a new monthly payment service this year.

Reporter An Hoe Hyun

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