NHN, Joins hands with Intel "Cloud global expansion"
NHN, Joins hands with Intel "Cloud global expansion"
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This article is translated by AI company Flitto and Infostock Daily using neural machine translation technology.
(왼쪽부터) 진은숙 NHN CTO, 권명숙 인텔코리아 대표.
(From left) Jin Eun-sook, CEO of NHN CTO, Kwon Myung-sook, CEO of Intel Korea.

[Infostock Daily= Reporter An Hoe Hyun] NHN announced business cooperation with Intel such as cloud, data center and artificial intelligence(AI). The two companies will also cooperate in the global expansion of the NHN Cloud.

"The establishment of a business-oriented digital work environment has emerged as a very important agenda in the post-Covid era," Jin Eun-sook, chief technology officer(CTO) of NHN, said at the 'NHN-Intel joint Webinar' on the 25th, adding, "We will strengthen the next-generation business strategy of NHN Cloud through cooperation with global tech leader Intel."

As a major cooperation, the two companies released ▲DaaS(Data as a Service) on NHN Cloud, ▲Next-generation Data Center Strategy, ▲Smart Platform Service and ▲AI technology.

The two companies plan to provide services for the 'PPP method(public-private partnership model that invests and builds in the private sector and guarantees the price for public use)' as well as targeting the DaaS market for corporate customers. It also plans to continue the supply of government and public institutions.

In addition, 'DaaS on NHN Cloud' service centered on next-generation data centers and business for creating innovative IT environments such as smart manufacturing and smart cities will be specified.

NHN's next-generation data center will be built as an AI autonomous data center with 'Optane', Intel's proprietary memory technology. It will be an outpost for future industries such as smart cities, smart homes, smart manufacturing and digital healthcare.

The two companies will also cooperate with the global expansion of the NHN Cloud.

"Intel will be the best technology partner in business areas such as AI, smart platforms and next-generation data centers promoted by NHN Cloud," said Kim Dong-hoon, managing director of NHN Cloud Business Group.

Reporter An Hoe Hyun ahh@infostock.co.kr


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