Lime Korea collaborates with GS Caltex ... 'Mobility Hub' exhibition
Lime Korea collaborates with GS Caltex ... 'Mobility Hub' exhibition
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[Infostock Daily=Reporter Park Sang-in] Lime Korea participated in GS Caltex's future gas station "Energy Plus" brand launch event to emphasize the role of shared electric kickboards as a next-generation means of transportation.

The event will be held at GS Caltex Sambang Gas Station at Sinnonhyeon Station until the 22nd. Following the signing of a partnership last year, Lime Korea and GS Caltex will collaborate to foster gas stations as a link between mobility services such as electric kickboards and car sharing (car sharing).

Lime Korea introduced that the event will strengthen access to future gas stations, which are emerging as a mobility hub space, and that a shared electric kickboard can be used as a next-generation eco-friendly mobility. In addition, it guided citizens who visited the venue on how to ride a safe electric kickboard along with the Green Consumer Solidarity and the Korea Highway Traffic Authority and the boarding rules under the revised Road Traffic Act.

The GS Caltex Energy Plus brand launch event is designed to allow citizens to experience future gas stations with the goal of turning gas stations into a new type of energy charging space that combines charging of electric and hydrogen cars, micro-mobility, logistics and food and beverages.

Kwon Ho-kyung, Managing Director of Lime Korea, said, "The shared electric kickboard is a next-generation means of eco-friendly transportation that does not emit pollutants such as carbon dioxide, and its role is expected to be further emphasized," adding, "We hope this event will allow many people to experience convenient and eco-friendly lime services as well as future gas stations.".

Reporter Park Sang-in


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