NHN KCP, Providing payment service to Google
NHN KCP, Providing payment service to Google
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Google-NHN KCP, Signing a contract to provide card payment services ‧ immediate withdrawal payment services ‧ additional services related to personal information
This article is translated by AI company Flitto and Infostock Daily using neural machine translation technology.

[Infostock Daily= Reporter Park Hyo-sun] NHN Korea Cyber Payment(NHN KCP) signed a contract with Google to provide Google Play payment service in the app market.

Under the contract, the 'card payment service' provider will be changed to NHN KCP. As a result, NHN KCP will provide additional cash transfer-based 'immediate withdrawal payment services' and 'additional services related to personal information' starting next month.

"We will provide beneficial services to both Google and Google users by increasing the payment convenience of Google Play users," the company said, adding, "We will make efforts to create strong synergy with Google as a leading electronic payment company in Korea."

Meanwhile, NHN KCP provides domestic payment services to about 100 global brands such as Apple iOS Platform, Tesla Motors and Hermes.

Reporter Park Hyo-sun hs1351@infostock.co.kr

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