Dongtan Techno Valley, Reborn as a complete industrial complex
Dongtan Techno Valley, Reborn as a complete industrial complex
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동탄 우미 뉴브 투시도
Dongtan Woomi Newv's perspective view.

[Infostock Daily= Reporter Park Sang-In] 'Dongtan Techno Valley' is attracting attention as a finished industrial complex as the construction is completed. Dongtan Techno Valley is an industrial cluster with high-tech industries, research and venture facilities located northwest of Dongtan 2 new city.

Dongtan Techno Valley has a total area of ​​155.6 million square meters, which overwhelms other industrial complexes. About 5.7 times the Gwanggyo Techno Valley(26.9 million ㎡) and 2.3 times the Pangyo Techno Valley(66.1 million ㎡), with about 4,500 companies moving in and 200,000 people living there. The effect of the industrial concentration can be maximized because the economy of the scale possibles.

In addition, Dongtan Techno Valley is located at the core of knowledge-based industries such as IT, semiconductors, and mechatronics. It is adjacent to industrial complexes such as Hwaseong Dongtan Industrial Complex, Gajang Industrial Complex, and Godeok Industrial Complex(Samsung), and is close to large companies such as Samsung Electronics NANOCITY, Korea 3M and Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction, Nuclear Power I & C.

With more than 13,000 companies located in Suwon and Yongin areas, centered on Dongtan Techno Valley, it can expect abundant back-up demand.

The metropolitan area is the center of transportation, and the metropolitan road network such as Gyeongbu Expressway, the second outer ring highway, and Yongin-Seoul Expressway is concentrated. The SRT(Suseo-Dongtan-Pyeongtaek) has already been opened and the traffic environment is expected to be even better as the double-track railway connecting GTX-A and Indukwon and Dongtan is scheduled.

Currently, Dongtan Techno Valley is in the process of supplying business facilities at the end of development.

Among them, Woomi Construction's 'Dongtan Woomi Newv' will be sold in September at 393 Yeongcheon-dong, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do. It is located near SRT Dongtan Station, and has excellent access to Gangnam, and Tram Line 2(Byeongjeom Station-Dongtan New Town) is also planned within the walking area.

There will also be a sky lounge, a meeting room, a shower room and a rest deck, a drive-in system that can move up to the sixth floor above the ground, and a door-to-door system that allows vehicles to enter the front of the office.

Reporter Park Sang-In



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