LG HelloVision, Cooperates for 'Smart Farm Education Solution'...To foster future farmers
LG HelloVision, Cooperates for 'Smart Farm Education Solution'...To foster future farmers
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This article is translated by AI company Flitto and Infostock Daily using neural machine translation technology.

[Infostock Daily = Reporter Kim Jong Hyo] LG HelloVision announced on the 12th that it signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between three companies that Farm Hannong, a representative Korean agricultural company, and Matey, an IT specialist to prepare a smart farm integrated education solution.

The three companies agreed to establish an integrated smart farm education solution through this business agreement. Agricultural high schools will introduce solutions to provide an environment where students can practice real and virtual greenhouse environment control and provide smart farm video lectures.

With this agreement, the three companies will support the transition of 'Green Smart School' of agricultural high schools nationwide. IoT practice solutions and video education contents improve the agricultural education and practice environment, helping students dreaming of farmers to easily utilize smart farm technology. LG HelloVision proposes customized education solutions considering the characteristics and needs of each school by utilizing existing local business personnel and networks, and operates and manages projects comprehensively.

Farm Hannong has decided to provide specialized smart farm education contents based on experience and ability that have been conducting curriculum such as seminar and farmers' university. Matey offers an IoT solution that can control the real and virtual greenhouse environment so that students can practice smart farms.

The three companies plan to show big data-based pest prediction services in the future. Based on the data, it is possible to diagnose the current state of crops to look at the possibility of pests and to suggest ways to minimize damage.

Reporter Kim Jong Hyo kei1000@infostock.com

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