Gamevil, Operating profit for the second quarter of 2020 is 10.8 billion won
Gamevil, Operating profit for the second quarter of 2020 is 10.8 billion won
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This article is translated by AI company Flitto and Infostock Daily using neural machine translation technology.
게임빌 CI=게임빌 홈페이지
게임빌 CI=게임빌 홈페이지

[Infostock Daily= Reporter Park Sang-In] Gamevil announced on the 11th that its second-quarter operating profit reached 10.8 billion won. The figure is up 16.8 billion won from the previous year and 73.6% from the previous quarter. Sales increased 16.0% from previous quarter to 40.5 billion won and net profit increased 101.5% to 8.4 billion won.

Major games have achieved solid sales growth and subsidiary earnings have also been steadily increasing. Business revenues have risen 20.0% over the same period to 30.7 billion won.

Gains from investments by related businesses grew 5.0% to 9.8 billion. With Com2us recording its biggest quarterly sales ever, its parent company Gamevil's investment profits in related companies could also improve.

The operating expenses for the second quarter were 29.7 billion won. The wage increase in 2020 was retroactively reflected and increased from the previous quarter. Marketing expenses also increased from the previous quarter due to the implementation of advertising expenses following the opening of the professional baseball season.

Reporter Park Sang-In

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