Hanssem, First published sustainable management report on 'ESG Reinforcement'
Hanssem, First published sustainable management report on 'ESG Reinforcement'
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[Infostock Daily= Reporter Park Sang-In] Hanssem, a comprehensive home interior company, announced on the 6th that it has published the '2020 Hanssem Sustainable Management Report'.

Through this report, Hanssem unveiled the current status of sustainable management and the results of social responsibility activities in areas such as environment, society and governance, while also providing an opportunity for active communication with stakeholders such as customers, business partners, executives, employees and shareholders.

According to the report, Hanssem presents the task of establishing a sustainable management system that will be pursued for the next 50 to 100 years and emphasizes the importance of communication through sharing social responsibility and performance.

Major issues include creating shareholder value centered on soundness, creating value for touching customers, innovative human management, creating value for shared growth for co-prosperity, creating value for community and human contribution, and creating sustainable eco-friendly value.

In detail, each issue distinguishes the results of Hanssem's management activities for each stakeholder, including customers, business partners, executives, employees, and shareholders, the current status of the values created through them, and mid- to long-term policy tasks.

Through this, Hanssem presents value creation and sharing the status of financial and non-financial areas such as environment, society and governance, willingness to communicate and willingness to develop in the mid- to long-term.

Hanssem's commitment to proactively respond to the demands of the times for a sustainable society, looking back at the past 50 years and pointing to the present. It is also expressing its willingness to participate in international initiatives, including the UN's Sustainable Development Goals(UN SDGs), and to manage eco-friendly management.

The report was made in 'paperless' files, not in print, and also contained Hanssem's innovation and environmentally friendly management willingness to avoid paper use and to meet the digital era. You can download it from Hanssem.com website and mobile.

Reporter Park Sang-In si2020@infostock.co.kr

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