NEXON and CJ ENM, Start Kartrider e-sports in August
NEXON and CJ ENM, Start Kartrider e-sports in August
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카트라이더 러쉬플러스. 제공=넥슨
카트라이더 러쉬플러스. 제공=넥슨

[Infostock Daily= Reporter Park Sang-In] 'The 2020 Kartrider League Season 2' of the e-sports competition hosted by the online racing game 'Kartrider' will be held for the first time on August 22.

NEXON announced on the 31st that it will conduct the 29th regular competition, '2020 Kartrider League Season 2', at 6 p.m. every Wednesday and Saturday for 12 weeks from August 22 to November 7 without spectators.

NEXON will collaborate with CJ ENM game channel OGN starting this season. In other words, if a no-spectator game is operated at OGN e Stadium in Sangam-dong, Seoul, all games can be watched on the OGN TV channel, the host broadcaster.

Reporter Park Sang-In


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