Hyundai Livart, Presents melamine dinnerware of ‘Williams Sonoma’
Hyundai Livart, Presents melamine dinnerware of ‘Williams Sonoma’
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This article is translated by AI company Flitto and Infostock Daily using neural machine translation technology.

[Infostock Daily = Reporter Kim Jong Hyo]

현대리바트 CI, 자료=현대리바트
현대리바트 CI, 자료=현대리바트

Hyundai Livart, a total interior company affiliated with Hyundai Department Store Group, announced that it will introduce the 'Sicily Melamine Collection' of the U.S. kitchenware brand 'Williams Sonoma' for the summer season on the 8th of July.

The Sicily melamine collection is a dish made up of about 30 kinds.

It features colorful colors and complex patterns inspired by Italian Sicily Mazorca ceramics.

Key products include Sicily melamine salad plates, balls and platter. Only melamine without BPA (Bisphenol A) is used for this product.

It is light and resistant to scratches, so it can be used outdoors, such as camping or picnics.

The Sicily Melamine collection can be purchased at online malls and three William Sonoma stores in Hyundai Department Store's Apgujeong, Mokdong and Daegu.

Reporter Kim Jong Hyo

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