Shinhan Bank President Jin Ok-dong "Requires leadership of change to not be falling behind"
Shinhan Bank President Jin Ok-dong "Requires leadership of change to not be falling behind"
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진옥동 신한은행장. 사진=신한은행
Shinhan Bank President Jin Ok-dong. Photo=Shinhan Bank

[Infostock Daily= Reporter Park Hyo-sun] Shinhan Bank President Jin Ok-dong (pictured) emphasized the importance of leadership suitable for the new era and ordered change for employees.

According to Shinhan Bank on the 8th, president Jin gave a live lecture on YouTube on 'the role of a leader to become a sustainable company' for executives and general managers and department heads nationwide on the 7th.

"The world will be divided into before and after Corona," Jin said. "We are seeing various successes and failures in various countries that deal with the spread of corona, and the standards of advanced and backward countries are changing." "Now, the standard of a first-class nation will be the presence of citizens who can devote themselves and restrain themselves to the survival and sustainability of the community, not the accumulation of wealth." "In order to create a sustainable company that does not fall behind, the role of a leader is important along with steady changes,"He said.

In particular, Jin explained the role of corporate culture and leader, and pointed out that "the corporate culture should be well managed as a corporate culture that is followed by continuous efforts to change."

As a way to manage corporate culture, he presented three elements of repetitive communication along with clear value ideology, cultural maneuvering device(rites and ceremonies) reflecting ideology, and leader's efforts to properly operate it.

Reporter Park Hyo-sun

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