SK Biopharm, returns its gains to foreign profit-taking
SK Biopharm, returns its gains to foreign profit-taking
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[Infostock Daily= Reporter Park Hyo-sun] SK Biopharm closed slightly higher on July 7, the fourth day of its listing. As a result, SK Biopharm ended its three-day consecutive upper limit march until the 6th after its listing.

At the stock market, SK Biopharm closed at 216,500 won, up 0.93% from the previous trading day.

The figure is down 19.67% from the high price during the day(269,500 won).

SK Biopharm continued to soar until the beginning of the day.

The stock price jumped to 269,500 won, up 25.64% from the previous trading day, and as a result, its market capitalization surpassed 20 trillion won, surpassing SK Corp., the largest shareholder and group holding company.

However, stock prices returned most of the gains in the day as foreign funds continued to profit taking.

SK Biopharm was the largest net selling stock by foreigners in the stock market, with a net selling amount of 27.7 billion won.

On the other hand, individuals continued to buy stocks of SK Biopharmes worth 197.7 billion won on the same day. Institutions also bought a net 198 billion won worth of stocks.

Reporter Park Hyo-sun

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